What does Albion mean?

As the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain, the word Albion in a way represents our core business, since we are specialized in translation and interpreting services from Croatian into English and vice versa.

Albion (in Ptolemy ‘Alouion; Lat. Albion, Pliny 4.16[30],102), the most ancient name of the British Islands, though generally restricted to England. The name is perhaps of Celtic origin, but the Romans took it as connected with albus, white, in reference to the chalk-cliffs of Dover, and A. Holder (Alt-Keltischer Sprachschatz, 1896) unhesitatingly translates it Weissland, “whiteland.” The early writer (6th cent. B.C.) whose periplus is translated by Avienus (end of 4th cent. A.D.) does not use the name Britannia; he speaks of nesos ‘Iernon kai ‘Albionon (“island of the Ierni and the Albiones”). So Pytheas of Massilia (4th cent. B.C.) speaks of “Albion and ‘Ierne.” From the fact that there was a tribe called the Albiones on the north coast ot Spain in Asturia, some scholars have placed Albion in that neighbourhood (see G. F. Unger, Rhein. Mus. xxxviii., 1883, pp. 156-196). The name Albion was taken by medieval writers from Pliny and Ptolemy.

Ȁlbiōn, /ˈalbɪən/

– a literary term for Britain or England, often used when referring to ancient or historical times.

What does Albion mean to you?

In short – high-quality, professionalism and commitment to excellence!

Albion offers certified and non-certified translations as well as interpreting services including simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (whispered interpreting). All of our translators and interpreters have years’ worth of experience and expertise.

Albion is managed by Zana Šaškin, (MA in English Language and Literature and Art History), Certified Court Interpreter of English, with years’ worth of experience in translation and interpreting services working on the EU projects and in cooperation with many institutions and business entities and culture and art institutions in Croatia. 

Your business is the result of your hard work, passion and planning, and you want to make sure that all its aspects reflect the professional that you are. Therefore, your communication in a foreign language needs to be done by a company that understands the importance of language – rely on us for experienced and fully qualified professionals.

At Albion, we strive to provide translation and interpreting services tailored to you, your business and your event, so you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality and professional service, anytime, anyplace, at a highly-competitive rate.

Albion, Translation and Interpretation Services you can trust! We are specialized in translation and interpreting services from Croatian into English and vice versa. Our mission is to provide high-quality translation and interpreting services, to facilitate communication between people of different cultures and nations and always be of service to our clients, be it an ad-hoc service or long-term cooperation.

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